I REMEMBER (urgent note)

i would like to tell you about this project i've been taking part of. it's called 2996 and it's made to honor all victims of the tragedy of september 11.

i think this is pretty important, because those lives were lost by such stupid tragedy, and it's a shame to just let them be forgotten. so on september 11, a group of bloggers will write about each of the victims. as you sign up, one of them is assigned to you. you have to do some research on him/her, but it's worth it.

the aim is that, for each victim, there will be at least one blogger to honor him/her. my hope is that, apart from remembering JOSEPH PETER ANCHUNDIA, i will be able to tell a bit of his story to lots of other people, so they can remember him too!

so.. look forward to the 11th!!!


    This sounds like a great idea! I'm so glad that people around the world are getting into it as well. It's not just something that affected us here in America, but it effected us all.


    Looking forward to your post on September 11th! My post is almost finished, and I will be posting it shortly. I am mentioning Joe, and I will put a link to your site so that everyone can come over and check out your tribute.

    Have a great day. :)

    Oh, the 2,996 Project Administrator is recommending that we post our tributes early if they are ready.


    nossa, MUITO BACANA
    uma das melhores idéias (e das mais justas, também) que eu ouvi nos últimos tempos!


    I'm looking forward to your tribute. I admire you for the sentiments you expressed, and for taking part in this. It's good to see the feelings this has brought forth in the blogging community.

    On 08 September, 2006 13:02 Ronaldo Moretti said...

    Hey there Lilize! I loved the idea of remembering the victims of that tragedy. I visited the site where the 5th plane (that was supposed to reach the White House) fell down when I was in Pennsylvania 2 yrs ago and I will never forget that day. I'm looking forward to Monday!


    Ronaldo Moretti


    My tribute to Bill Hunt is up. I look forward to your words about this fine young man you are honoring. We must never forget.


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